Founder & CEO

Ryan McCarthy

Ryan is our core team leader. The man who knows-it-all. He understands the vision, scope, and business processes that Golf Pace needs to move along. His background includes scripting, hardware/software engineering, network analysis and project management. Ryan founded Golf Pace back in July of 2021 when the Covid-19 Pandemic was at it's strongest. He felt there was an opportunity to improve his favorite golf course's operations.

Partner & CTO

Andrew Baytler

Andrew is our lead technology officer. He creates our information/data system and understands how our data is flowing. He's also responsibile for any new technologies needed to accelerate Golf Pace forward. His background includes Network troubleshooting, diagnostic and installation. His vision is aligned with Ryan's in order to get the ball rolling and implement new functionalities as the start-up grows.

Partner & Director of Engineering

Alex Simak

Alex is our lead engineer. He specializes in many coding languages including React, JavaScript, C#, and Python. He's responsibile for implementing our front-end and back-end algorithms and functions to make Golf Pace what it is today. Alex enjoys problem-solving, efficient code, and coffee.

Join our team

Join the most diverse technoligical team that can assist with any issue. We strive for the best of the best. You'll need prior experience, excellent communication skills and be friendly. :)


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